About Us

The Wild Trail had its beginning many years before we came together as a family.

Traveling Family

Shawn was exploring parts of the UK and Southern Africa, diving off the east coast of Africa in Mozambique for a living, and taking solo bike trips across the unmarked mountain passes of Lesotho.

I had just returned from Kilimanjaro when we met. We instantly recognized that we had found not only life partners but travel partners in each other. And the rest, as they say, is history. A few months into our relationship, we were planning a month long trip to America, Mexico and Belize.

The energy and excitement of travel is what keeps us exploring and searching for new adventures. In 2009, our son, Everest, was born. Although the family dynamic shifted the way we travel, we continue to step out of our comfort zone and unlock new experiences.

We love making videos of our travels and having the entire planet as our play ground. We are currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa where we are planning our next journey.

We are inspired by others who fuel the excitement of life with travel, be it in their own county or around the globe. To follow more stories and adventure, click here.