Austrian Lakes & Mountains

Austria Travel

Imagine your favorite desktop wallpaper coming to life. Austria was beyond anything I had expected. Never-ending mountain views, crystal clear lakes and perfectly kept villages out of a story book.

Our destination for a few days was Fuschl am See, located in the state of Salzburg and home to 1,400 people. It is also the headquarters of Red Bull which is a stark contrast to the sleepy, laid back feel of this quiet town.

The small town is built around Lake Fuschl which is a clear turquoise color. I have never been to a place more idyllic and immaculately kept. Large front lawns that look like parks roll on for miles, all trimmed to perfection.

Hallstatt, Salzkammergut, Austria

We then headed to the postcard worthy village of Hallstatt, home to an even fewer 850 people. You can walk through the village in a few minutes but, its worth taking your time in the alleyways and enjoying the shops and cafes. We spent a few rainless minutes capturing some family moments, before being completely rained out and getting soaked to the bone. It was worth every minute.

Just outside of the town of Linz, we drove through poppy fields that stretched on for miles. It was one of the first sights we had of Austria so by the time we reached the Alps and Lakes, Austria has won us over.

Austria was incredible, the hospitality of our hosts was like being home with family, and we shared great feasts around the breakfast and dinner table. I only wish our stay had been a little longer.

There is so much more on offer in Austria that we still have to explore. For more info and an insider look into climbing a Via Ferrata in Austria, or Skiing the Dachstein Mountains, visit Angela Travels for stunning photographs and insider tips.