Prague Parks & Festivals

What we love the most about travel is the unexpected destinations, that have the most lasting impact.

Prague was a city I had heard a bit about but, was lost among the list of places I had to see first. It originally appeared on our list of spots to visited when a close friend immigrated there. This is a city I will absolutely return to again, not just for the pleasure of spending time with special people but because it has a unique magic that we fell in love with.

What also made Prague so special was that it was the first stop on our Digital Nomad journey. We had come to realise that the repetitiveness and routine of life was not leaving us fulfilled. We strongly identified with articles we read of couples who had chosen a life of full time travel and adventure. Digital nomad couples like Darren and Shelley from Finding Beyond become the reason we packed up everything and started exploring.

Vysehrad Castle

Traveling, and stepping out into the unknown is always exciting, but traveling somewhere new and having a trusted guide/friend to give you the lay of the land, is priceless. We spent the first few days in the Podoli District which was walking distance from Vysehrad Castle, one of the many castles scattered through the city.

Summer in Prague was perfect. The great weather keeps you outdoors with endless things to do and places to see.

An important element of traveling with a child, is factoring in stimulating entertainment into your daily activities. I could easily spend an hour or two in a coffee shop watching the sites but, that translates into pure torture for an energetic 7 year old. From day one, Prague had this issue covered. Everywhere you go, there are parks with jungle gyms and even zip lines that will have the kids completely sorted while you get to sit back and relax.

Exporing The City, Beer & The Vltava River

The cities beautifully kept historic building make you feel like you are walking the streets of another era. The setting along the river is perfect, and you can stroll spacious walkways for hours. Beer flows freely (and cheaply) at all times of the day. The city is famous for its beer and beer culture alone can keep you exploring the city for days. For some of the top spots to taste what’s on offer check out this list of beer garderns. Although the older generation have a reputation for being somewhat grumpy, the younger Czech people are friendly and welcoming.

Public transport is a breeze and you can get to any one of the numerous tourist hot-spots in minutes. The ever changing Lennon Wall is worth a visit and is walking distance from the famous Charles Bridge. Close bye is Petrin Hill which offers a good hike to the top, or a funicular if you prefer to taking it easy. From the top of the hill, you can climb the tower and soak in the incredible 360 degree view of the “City of 100 Spires”.

Prague celebrates summer in a big way. Every weekend there is a new festival being held, so you are never short of things to do or incredible food to eat.

The river and red roofs make for an impressive landscape. This picture was taken from a lookout point in one of the towers of St. Vitus Cathedral which is located on the grounds of the Prague Castle. This was one of my ultimate highlights. The Gothic structure is a vast and imposing piece of Architecture. You can spend hours photographing the grounds and the ornate details of the building.

If you are not in a hurry, walking the streets beats taking a tram or calling an Uber. The sidewalks and coffee shops along the way are the best way to experience the tangible vibe of the city.

As the day cools down and evening draws near, it feels as if the whole city descends upon Náplavka. This is a trendy, relaxed part of the river bank that is bustling with locals who come to relax after work, and its awesome. There is music, beer, food stalls and boat restaurants, all bubbling and alive as the sun goes down.

Getting Out Of The City

If you have had your fill of the city and want to get out to the countryside, there are just as many destinations to be discovered.

Prachovske Skaly

An hour North East of Prague are the magnificent stone structures, also known as The Bohemian Paradise and Prachov Rocks. This strange landscape includes several hiking trails which are easy to follow and well worth the breathtaking views. Watch the video below to get a taste of this stark landscape.

Ústí nad Labem

We took another getaway, in between our getaway, to a little town North West of Prague. A short 1 and a half hour train ride will have you out in country side for a completely different perspective of the Czech Republic.

Ústí is a historic trading post as it marks the spot where two major rivers merge. The rivers were key trade routes for many years, and the reason the land was claimed and reclaimed by the Bohemians, Austrians and Germans until finally becoming part of the Czech Republic.

We stayed in a quaint and cozy house in the hills, surrounded by cherry trees. We even got to sample the owners, homemade Cherry wine which he makes in his cellar every season.

Cesky Krumlov

Two and a half hours south of Prague is the picture perfect town of Cesky Krumlov, which like the rest of the country, comes with its own castle, local shops an eateries. There is a river that runs through the town where you can rent a boat and take on the rapids, a fun activity for the whole family. Watch our video for an glimpse into this charming and colorful little town.

In two months, I don’t think we even scraped the surface of what the Czech Republic has to offer. Parks, mountains, castles, city buzz and great friends are what ensure we will be returning in the not too distant future.