When in Rome… Or Somewhere in Italy

While I finish up writing this article, I have included a brief photo diary of our days in Rome, Sorrento and driving the Amalfi Coast. There is no shortage of incredible food, sites and historical architecture and ice-cream of course. Without a doubt, I will be returning to this unique part of the world to sample more of what it has to offer.


Fruit and vegetable stand color up every market square. Not only is it a great way to grab a cheap lunch, but you get to interact with the locals and work in an opportunity to shout out “ciao” with dramatic confidence as you walk away.

The¬†streets of Rome are littered with Pinterest Perfect photo opportunities. It really is a city of welcome clich√©’s and ancient architecture. All the elements combined make it clear why it is called the Eternal City, it carries such a romantic air as you walk its cobble stoned streets.

Our one regret was that time did not allow more exploration of the coast north of Rome. If you have about 5 days to spare, Cinque Terre is a highly coveted hiking destination, for more information and tips on how to get the most out of the adventure, check out this post written by The Modern Female Hiker.

The Amalfi Coast & Posetano